6 Types of Blog Topics That Encourage Article Sharing on Social Media

Running a blog is a critical component of any effective digital marketing strategy. As Forbes explains, a blog will draw traffic to your site while helping you establish a strong brand identity and establish yourself as an industry influencer.

But once you have created a blog, what should you write about? And how are you going to get initial traffic to your site so people can share your posts with others?

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If your blogs haven’t been generating the response you’d like, read on to learn about six topic styles that encourage shares on social media:

  1. Lifestyle Posts

Consumers want to see the people behind the products and services they are buying, and publishing regular lifestyle posts will help you provide them with a window into your personal life. You can tie these posts back to your company by talking about your passion for the products you sell and your experience in the industry.

  1. How-To Guides

According to Entrepreneur, the best content provides value to readers, and nothing is more valuable than how-to guides that relate to your industry. Although you don’t want to publish DIY posts that will make your products or services unnecessary, you can get creative when it comes to teaching readers something they can do themselves.

For example, if you own an HVAC company, you could write a post about replacing the filters regularly, and you can remind readers of the importance of calling the pros for preventative maintenance.

  1. News Stories

Are there local news stories that relate to your industry? Find a few credible sources detailing a recent, newsworthy event, and write a summary of them to share with potential customers. If you do this on a regular basis, consumers in your area will soon be flocking to your site for the latest news.

  1. Product Reviews

No one buys anything nowadays without looking it up online first. Although reviewing your own products will appear disingenuous, you can publish posts reviewing products that are tangential to your industry. For example, the same HVAC company that publishes how-to stories on changing filters can also publish a post discussing the best filter brands on the market.

  1. Financial Tips

Everyone loves learning how to make more money or cut their expenses. Do you have tips for making or saving money in your industry? Share them on your blog to provide valuable content that keeps readers coming back for more.

  1. Time-Saving Tips

Time is perhaps the one resource that people value more than their money because you cannot make any more of it. Will your products or services help customers save time? Write a detailed post discussing how they can get more of their most valuable resource when they shop with you, and you will eventually turn traffic into sales.

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