Will My SEO Improve If More People Share My Blog Post on Social Media?

You may already know that an effective social media marketing campaign can bolster your SEO strategy. There are many reasons for this, and multiple case studies have shown a correlation between the number of shares, likes, and other social signals and a website’s search rank for target keywords.

The search algorithms of Google and Bing were designed to deliver the results that best solve the user’s problem, or that best address the reason why the user is searching for a particular query. There are about 200 factors that affect Google’s search results, and many of those factors relate either directly or indirectly to social media activity.

According to a report by Orbit Media Studios, the number of shares might not have a direct effect on your SEO; however, when your blogs are shared by industry influencers and exposed to your audience, they can have a profound impact on your search ranks.

Let’s explore a few reasons why article sharing can improve your search rank for target keywords:

Exposes Your Website to Bloggers Who Might Link to Your Page

Just because 100 or even 1,000 people “like” your blog on Facebook does not mean that it provides useful content. Although Google is experimenting with new ways to identify the people who are posting to social media, this is not yet a perfect science, and some digital marketers continue to use fake social accounts to increase their social signals. This, however, is not an effective strategy according to statements from Google’s John Mueller and Matt Cutts, the former head of the Web spam team at Google.

So how does Google know whether a blog offers useful content? One signal that Google has relied on since its early days is the number and quality of backlinks.

If your blog is shared on the social media profiles of industry influencers, it may be exposed to bloggers who might link to your page. This indicates that your blog has useful content and could improve your search rank for target keywords.

Correlation Between Google+ Shares and SEO

Digital marketers have clued into the fact that they can bypass some of the challenges of ranking high for target keywords by building an expansive circle of quality Google+ users. If a person adds you to a Google+ circle, he or she is more likely to see your Google+ posts, and these posts will rank almost instantly for keyword phrases you include in them. Also, when people +1 your content, it will rank higher in personalized search results for people who are logged into Google+ and connected with you.

Final Thoughts

Although the number of likes, shares, and other social signals may not have a direct effect on SEO, there is no disputing the fact that sharing your blog post on the right social channels can significantly improve your search rank for target keywords. In order to get the most SMM and SEO value out of your blog posts, they must offer useful content. You can get even more value out of your blogs by getting them shared on the social profiles of industry influencers.

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