How Can I Increase Reader Engagement on My Blog?

Publishing new blog posts can feel like talking to an empty room – especially if you don’t have a strong following on social networks. The most successful blogs not only offer useful information, but they are also designed to encourage shares and interaction on social media.

So how can you produce content that captivates readers? And how can you motivate readers to share your content on Facebook and other social platforms?

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Let’s explore a few ways you can craft more engaging content to share on social media:

  1. Be Original

If you merely reiterate what others have said, no one is going to share your posts or comment on them because they might perceive the content as Internet spam. For this reason, ProBlogger encourages writers to say something original in every post.

The most engaging blog posts don’t merely add to conversations; they start them. Carry a notebook with you at all times so you can jot down the original thoughts that come to mind throughout the day.

  1. Stay Relevant

Keep an eye out for current events in your industry so you can be the first to write about them. This will ensure your blog stays relevant and that your topics are newsworthy.

No one wants to read about topics that were hot six months ago. If you want to engage readers, make sure your content is fresh and still relevant.

  1. Mix It Up

Even if you never write about the same topic, readers are going to get bored if you always use the same format. To increase engagement and keep readers entertained, use videos, podcasts, infographics, and interviews to stay original.

  1. Ask Questions

You can pique your readers’ interests and encourage engagement by asking questions at the end of every post. People love sharing their opinions, so if you ask questions that readers are willing to answer, you can expect more comments, likes, and shares.

These four tips can help you get more value out of each blog, but the only way for your content marketing strategy to reach its full potential is to publish content regularly and share it on social media. If you’ve created high-quality content but you’re struggling to find success on social media, contact

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